Our Service

At ‘The Red Cake Company’ we pride ourselves on providing a service that caters to your needs.

Our wedding service includes a consultation and tasting. During the consultation we discuss with you the relevant details of your wedding.  When designing the cake we take into consideration the venue, colour themes, taste preferences, number of people, textures and time of year. To help guide us towards the perfect design we ask that you provide anything that might inspire your cake, such as a piece of material from your dress, ribbon sample, stationary samples, a picture of your flowers or colour swatches. From this basis we can pull together mood boards and sketches to help you visualise how your cake will look on the day.

Cake SketchPastel Green Wedding Cake  Abbie & RichardPastel Floral Heart Wedding Cake

We also specialise in hand decorated Cookies and Cupcakes. Cookie wedding favours are an increasingly popular, unique and personal addition that can add a stylish touch to a wedding table display.
However, we are not all about weddings. We provide cakes for any occasion including Christening, Birthday, Anniversary and Engagement cakes. In addition to this we can also provide sculpted novelty cake.

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