All In Good Taste

At The Red Cake Company we pride ourselves on our passion for taste. We are continually striving to find the best produce for our cakes to ensure that the taste is undeniably delicious.  We bake all of our cakes fresh using the best possible produce and only free range eggs. All of our cakes are baked using traditional home baking techniques and are filled with layers of Butter creams, preserves and smooth velvety chocolate ganache.

Allergy Advice

All of our products contain dairy and gluten. Please note our bakery uses nuts. We therefore cannot guarantee any of our cakes to be Nut Free. If you do have any specific dietary requirements please let us know when placing your order.

Cake Menu

Traditional Fruit cake soaked in  Rum & Brandy

Vanilla cake with smooth vanilla butter cream & raspberry or strawberry preserve

Luscious and light Lemon zest cake with limoncello, Lemon Butter Cream and Lemon Curd

Tangy Orange Zest Cake with orange butter cream and marmalade

Rich chocolate cake with velvety chocolate ganache (white or dark chocolate)

Ginger cake with orange zest butter cream

Apricot & cardamom cake with vanilla butter cream and apricot preserve

Raspberry cake with raspberry butter cream and raspberry preserve.

Moist Banana Cake with chocolate or vanilla Buttercream

Cookie Menu

All butter





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