Meet Pam


I’m Pam and I run The Red Cake Company. We are based in Worcestershire and  specialize in home baked wedding cakes.

The Red Cake Company

The Red Cake Company started in 2008 from our little kitchen In Redditch in Worcestershire.  Norma, my lovely Mom, was a cake decorator when I was young. I often spent hours watching her pipe rows and rows of delicate lace details and wire hundreds of sugar flowers for her wedding cake orders.  Despite the change in fashion with cake design, the principles of what she did are what helped me develop my own techniques and transfer them into modern cake designs. Her help and support are a big driving force behind the success of The Red Cake Company. Her qualifications and expertise now lie in Accounts. As well as this she is on hand for deliveries and additional help with daily kitchen duties during the busy wedding season.

I trained as a Contemporary Dancer. I know it’s a strange change in career! I still love to dance however; I often found it frustrating as I was unable to fully express my creativity through Dance.  To make a career from dance was not for me. I therefore came back home to the Midlands and started works in an office. Bored with my job I then started to browse through Mom’s old portfolio of cakes. Inspired by this I asked if she could show me some techniques in cake decorating. That was it, I was hooked! I then built the business, cut back the hours at the office job until I could work full time cake decorating. I haven’t looked back!

What’s New for 2017 /2018

2017 was yet another busy year with dozens of wedding cakes leaving our Redditch HQ each month. I have been very blessed yet again to work with some amazing people and visit some spectacular venues!

Over the last year I have been busy working away at gaining a new qualification. Each year I like to push myself and develop new skills in cake decorating however, this year I decided to bite the bullet and take out a student loan, gaining myself a qualification in NVQ level 3 patisserie and confectionery. The course helped me gain a great deal of knowledge into the science behind my bakes as well as developing new skills in pastry. If anyone now asks for a Croquembouche or Macaron tower I feel I now have the knowledge and confidence to execute these to a high standard.

The Red Cake Company has also this year gained a new member…. If you can all the van a new member. What a difference this has made! I can now fill the van with favours, glass wear and cakes without the need for 2 trips!


And Finally ……We are proud to be winners for the second year in a row for West Midlands Wedding Cake Designer at The English Wedding Awards! Woo Hoo!The English Wedding Awards - Regional Winner's Logo